Ralph Smith

Stories and poems from around the world as told by a voice like no other.

Hip Flick Hoops  

Hoopers extraordianaire.

Canines in the Community

Dog training demonstrations.

Shea Iles

Jazz influenced pop artist.

Heminga Roots - Muskoseepi Park

two nordic sisters share their ancestry through stories and songs 

SomeAreSolstice Flutes  -  Muskoseepi Park

 songs for the earth - sharing the heart of nature with the soul

Tasia  -  Muskoseepi Park/Heritage Amphitheatre

tribal fusion belly dancing

Tina Talespinner - Muskoseepi Park/Heritage Amphitheatre

 stories and excitement for kids of all ages

Wendy Coogan  -  Muskoseepi Park

singer/songwriter, member of peace country' s own dandylionesses music group

Alisha Dawn  -  Muskoseepi Park

started writing songs at the age of 16, in 2014 her single 'everything' received Christian radio play across Canada

Ada Lovmo & the CMHC Expressive Arts Group

visual art work

Franz Kratschat

 fingerpicking guitar 



Anna Kittilsen

hip flicks hoops 

Renee Golemba


and all the beautiful people who have come out to hear, see and join in . . .