SomeAreSolstice Flutes  -  Muskoseepi Park

 Songs for the Earth - sharing the heart of nature with the soul

Amanda Syryda  

Hoopers extraordianaire.

Canines in the Community

Dog training demonstrations.

Shea Iles

Jazz influenced pop artist.

Heminga Roots - Muskoseepi Park

Two nordic sisters share their ancestry through stories and songs 

Tasia  -  Muskoseepi Park/Heritage Amphitheatre

Tribal Fusion Belly Dancing

Tina Talespinner - Muskoseepi Park/Heritage Amphitheatre

 Stories and excitement for kids of all ages

Wendy Coogan  -  Muskoseepi Park

Singer/songwriter, member of peace country' s own dandylionesses music group

Ralph Smith

Stories and poems from around the world as told by a voice like no other.

Alisha Dawn  -  Muskoseepi Park

Started writing songs at the age of 16, in 2014 her single 'everything' received Christian radio play across Canada

Ada Lovmo & the CMHC Expressive Arts Group

Visual art work

Franz Kratschat

 Fingerpicking guitar 



Anna Kittilsen

Hip Flicks Hoops 

Renee Golemba

Grande Prairie singer-songwriter

And all the beautiful people who have come out to hear, see and join in . . .